The Merriweather District Artist-in-Residence program began in 2018 to bring together three artists to work, live and create amongst the Downtown Columbia community.

With the partnership of the Downtown Columbia Arts and Culture Commission and Soulful Symphony, the residency will expand to include a fourth artist, who solely specializes in music and technology.

The four artists are selected through an international selection process and will be provided with a $12,000 stipend, studio space and housing for six weeks.

The residency includes artists from an incredible range of multi-media disciplines and is designed to allow artists to take risks and pursue new projects while receiving support. Unlike most programs, we are family-friendly allowing artists to holistically participate in the residency. 


The MD AIR studio space is located in the newest office building 6100 Merriweather on a vacant floor. The vast open space allows artists to have the freedom to work in a large scale. 

Vice President, Marketing at Howard Hughes 

Vanessa is at the helm of culture development for the Merriweather District 

Assistant Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, associated with UPenn.

Meg is a curator and writer whose work attends to the intricacies of race and the production of space. 

Executive Director of the Howard County Arts Council    

Coleen has a pulse on the art culture and economy in Howard County.

Founder of Wild Dogs International and curator for OPUS Merriweather.

Ken has been connected to cultural development in the Merriweather District since its inception.collaborates with multidisciplinary artists to create site-responsive installations and experiences. 

Founder and Creative Director of Soulful Symphony and Artistic Director of the Downtown Columbia Arts and Culture Commission (DCACC)

Darin is a musician artist and composer with over 25 years of experience in creating a symphonic experience.