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Now in its second year, the Merriweather District Artist-In-Residence program brings together 3 artists to work, live and create amongst the Downtown Columbia community each year. Artists are selected through a nation-wide selection process and are provided with a $10,000 stipend, studio space and housing to spend up to six weeks in residence.

The residency includes artists from an incredible range of multi-media disciplines and is designed to allow artists to take risks and pursue new projects while receiving support in the form of studio-time and space. Unlike most programs, we are family-friendly allowing artists to holistically participate in the residency.


Rated as one of the top creative people in business by Fast Company magazine, Ram is the creator of the interactive social-activist comic books Priya’s Shakti and Priya’s Mirror. The book challenges young men and women to break through societal norms that lead to gender- based violence. It also , incorporates  an AR experience creating a unique and engaging platform for his 28M readers worldwide.components and has a 28M readership. He has also been honored by UN Women as a “gender equality champion”.

During the residence Ram will complete his next installment of the comic book including a virtual multi-media component to the series.


Sarah is a Columbia, MD native and is currently a Washington, D.C. based artist-scholar and post-doctoral fellow at American University, working in photography, installation and sculpture. She is currently focused on exploring abstraction and representation, infrastructure and materiality, space and ecology.

During her residence, Sarah plans to further develop works in her series A|Mends which explores embodiment and abstractionism as a means to respond to difference (racial, sexual orientation, class & ability) and ecological change. She will specifically focus on notion of repair and disrepair, specifically with Civil War era amendments, as well as, the environmental and ecological demands of a changing local landscape by using various barrier materials like netting, chicken wire and fishing line.


Katherine is a DC based abstract painter and installation artist focusing on work that confronts the resuscitation of landscape painting in a world where "landscape" is represented and defined through an ever-widening field of digital, graphic, and visual forms. She is traditionally trained in sumi ink painting and most recently completed a corporate residency at Facebook.

During her residency Katherine plans to create a body of paintings and installations that cover the walls they are exhibited upon like wallpaper. These will combine romantic, utopian and immersive sensibilities from Chinese cave murals and landscape painting with a lexicon drawn from a personal mythology informed by the artist’s identity as a biracial, first generation American woman.

Exhibition Week

6/19 – 6/23

The residency will conclude with an exhibition and a week of community-focused programming including artist talks, interactive workshops, and panel discussions.

Soulful Symphony Collaboration


The programs final exhibition will feature a collaboration with famed Composer and Conductor Darin Atwater with Soulful Symphony, celebrating our diverse musical and cultural history – literally reinventing the symphony orchestra in America.

Artists will spend up to 6 weeks creating in an open studio space nestled in Downtown Columbia’s Merriweather District; an evolving urban center and burgeoning creative hub where culture and commerce meet.

Former Director of Graduate Sculpture at the Rhinehart School of Sculpture at MICA.

Maren has been an active artist since the 1970s, focusing on the diminishing experience of nature.

Assistant Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, associated with UPenn.

Meg is a curator and writer whose work attends to the intricacies of race and the production of space. 

Executive Director of the Howard County Arts Council, since its inception.

Coleen has a pulse on the art culture and economy in Howard County.

Founder of Wild Dogs International and curator for OPUS Merriweather.

Ken has been connected to cultural development in the Merriweather District since its inception.collaborates with multidisciplinary artists to create site-responsive installations and experiences.